Jen Atkins


My goal isn’t simply to “make things look pretty.” I strive to tell a story, provide information, and communicate in visually compelling ways in order to make a lasting impact. In the process of doing so, I excel at problem solving, being versatile, and transforming ideas into effective design solutions. My unique fusion of creative talents enables me to create exclusive work to to fit any new challenge. 

I work diligently in three areas: graphic design, photography, and fine art. Since these three passions often intersect, I have a knack for producing unique work with a fresh perspective. 

While I have training primarily in print design, I find myself constantly intrigued by web design, motion graphics, video editing, and animation. Thanks to this curiosity, I’ve managed to learn After Effects. I am always in the process of developing new software skills.

Click here to view my interactive resume. Download a PDF version here.